Perriél’ Brand Originated and Founded in Jamaica and now expanding in popular cities, California and New York! Our motto of the land being, “out of many, one people”. As the quote suggests, we are a team of multiracial roots, and we help for all, as we would ourselves.   Perriél is an all women Hype-Beast show, starting from selling branded apparel to reselling and you guessed it an official marketplace. Thanks to blessings upon blessings with success of purchasing highly coveted apparel and footwear from the likes of ’Supreme, NIKE, Adidas, and many more, We no longer resell and operate as an online and in-store marketplace. Announced officially as authorized retailers circa 2009. We love giving back and plan on doing so until the wheels fall off!   Helping all of those within a reasonable budget, we agree to always provide the inner city hypes for everyone; Even when you’re not in the zone. Some might call it undercutting, where as we call it “looking out”. Now we don’t recommend “looking out” for all business plans, as we have acquired enough partnership and loyalty to be able to do so given the circumstance. Perriel prides itself also as a Christian/Veteran ran company, with the key principles being, “integrity” and “initiative”.   To always be apart of the solution rather than the problem. No indirect or empty stock information, if we do not know we WILL NOT market it. We can’t predict everything but rest assured, when we do it will be accurate. Backed by the Perriél Promise* *In the event of any orders not being fulfilled not limited to tickets and/or Pre-orders, we will issue a same day refund via PayPal, and a 20% off next exclusive release.