Perriel Promise

Tired of finding your favorite shoe online,  but to only find out they don't have your size or theirs not  enough photos? Can't check a website reliability or authenticity in time? Will it pass for StockX or Flight Club inspection though? Don't want to risk a bait and switch with high priced items? Don't want another UA? We don't want that either and we are Perriél!

With advancing technology, and economy we believe the consignment industry should be no different, and advancing as well. We Offer live package tracking, 24-hr online chat customer service, 2-day Global shipping with a gift retailing over $5 to start.

*Early August we shall have a fully operating Slack (Online hub for teams and softwares.. we will be using for it site monitoring, add to cart links, and info leaks.)

So, what is the Perriel Promise?

In the event of any orders not being fulfilled for ANY reason, we will issue a same day refund via Zelle, and a 20% off next exclusive drop pursuant of the clients request.